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of excellence

We protect the bond between pets and their owners

Our building is an architecturally-designed renovation in the centre of Hove that caters to every conceivable comfort. Throughout the build, we made conscious choices to lower our environmental impact and run our practice with sympathy to the planet. The end result is a space that feels more like a home than a medical environment – every detail is intended to make appointments that little bit less scary.

Our reception area is designed to feel warm instead of clinical. We have parking right outside the practice and a wide entrance with automatic doors for wheelchairs and buggies. Inside the practice, we have separate cat and dog waiting areas to reduce stress levels, calming background music and a gallery of images from local photographers. Even our consulting rooms have hidden equipment and soothing colours to feel distinctly non-medical.

Wilbury Vets Reception

Our journey towards sustainability

Green energy


We generate half our energy from solar panels; the rest comes from renewable sources.

No more gas


We heat and cool our building using an efficient air source heat pump.



We’ve switched to a virtually paperless system that runs on technology instead of trees.



Our landscaped garden contains bee-friendly plants that offer safe passage.

Oxygen generation


Our oxygen generation system means we no longer receive weekly canister deliveries.

Ethical consumables


We consciously choose plant-based biodegradable cleaners where appropriate, fair-trade and organic tea and coffee, and recycled toilet paper.

Waste reduction


We’ve reduced the use of plastic and created compost bins to minimise landfill waste.



We encourage our team to walk or cycle to work as well as having only one practice vehicle for home visits and essential errands.

At Wilbury, we do everything we can to reduce anxiety – whether your pet is popping in for an appointment or staying a while.

We love welcoming cats to our practice and are the only vets in Brighton and Hove to have obtained a prestigious ISFM cat-friendly gold status. We have separate wards with sound-proofing to make sure cats and dogs never hear each other. Each booth comes with soft-close doors, super soft blankets for comfort, Sonos that streams classical music, and a TV screen that shows David Attenborough nature programs for our more inquisitive guests. Dogs can even stretch their legs in our newly landscaped garden.


We have strict processes in place for delivering anaesthetics. This task is carried out by our most experienced veterinary nurses who are fully trained in anaesthesia and using the most up-to-date equipment. Throughout the operation, we carefully monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. We even have special heated air beds, so your pet wakes up feeling better than when you brought them in.

Operating theatre

We have two state-of-the-art sterile operating theatres where we perform soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries. We also have a bespoke dental theatre where we can perform everything from routine care to more involved procedures.

Diagnostic imaging

We pride ourselves on our diagnostic skills. Our digital x-ray and ultrasound machine helps us understand what’s really going on. This machine can produce high-quality images in seconds. This allows us to quickly diagnose problems and give you answers on the spot. If the diagnosis is complex, we can also email images to external specialists for an expert opinion.

Laboratory services

We’re proud to have our own state-of-the-art laboratory here at Wilbury. By delivering this service in-house, we’re able to produce same-day results for the majority of tests and connect with global specialists to discuss our findings. We also operate a daily courier service to two of the most advanced veterinary laboratories in the country, so we can run as many tests as your pet needs.

We love to show people around our facilities. Contact us to book a tour to see all of these details in person.

Our pledge to our people

Wilbury is more than a place of work. It’s where people come to practice what they love. We promise to value and support them with good pay and working conditions. We believe health and wellbeing should be woven into the day – especially in environments that require calm, concentration and a clear head for making the right decisions.

There are a few ways we maintain our inner balance. We take regular breaks between appointments. We have excellent facilities and relaxation zones, a leafy garden to enjoy a morning tea or coffee, and a tranquil outdoor yoga area on our balcony. The difference isn’t just in the detail. It’s in the love and care between us. We’re a happy team and we share this energy with our customers.

Our pledge to the community

We’re serious about reducing our impact on the environment. We’re currently working with Investors in the Environment – an independent accreditation scheme – to increase our sustainability, and decrease our carbon footprint and waste production. Their assessments include a high-level audit of our environmental impact and setting reduction targets followed by ongoing auditing. We have just passed our Silver Accreditation and are currently working towards the highest level ‘Green Accreditation’!

Inspired by this progress, our team has set up the Wilbury Green Team to start environmental policies and initiatives that change our daily habits (and hopefully inspire our partners and customers, too). We’re proud of how far we’ve come and we’re open about the current impact of our business. To find out more, you can download our environmental policy here or email Lucy.